Friday, May 27, 2011

Silver Lake Success! The Jubilee Represents the Best in Indie and Emerging Artists

From the Silver Lake Music Advisory Committee: We want to thank you all once more for joining us this past weekend for what turned out to be not only a celebration of the community, but a chance to showcase some of the best music that the neighborhood and its surrounding community have to offer. Spaceland Productions, Origami Vinyl and Mucho Música have applauded the effort and Buzz Bands has championed our initiative from the start, but from the beginning it’s been all about building something around the music and showing the city of Los Angeles that we stand together in support of neighborhood arts, growing green initiatives, our local vendors, our children, and the local music scene.

We’re proud to have had you gather for an event where not one band, one artist, director, event promoter or organizer got paid but rather became part of something bigger, something grassroots and organic.

We sincerely appreciate you being a part of our second festival endeavor. We're sure there are a ton of Silver Lake Jubilee photo and video galleries out there, but a few of our favorites are:

Chris Camargo - Official 2011 SLJ Photographer
Diablo Photo 
Grimy Goods
Downtown Lobby
American Pancake
Le Panda
Vintage Remade


The Buzzsicle, Vol. 13 was devoted to the second annual Silver Lake Jubilee. The mix was curated by Kevin Bronson of Buzz Bands LA.

Download: The Buzzsicle 13 (84 MB)


1-Races, “Big Broom”
2-Psychic Friend, “Once a Servant”
3-Ximena Sariñana, “Different”
4-The Little Ones, “I Don’t Want to Dance”
5-Black Flamingo, “Proud Head”
6-BoxViolet, “Hello”
7-Future Ghost, “Boys in the Attic”
8-Dante Vs Zombies, “Yes, I’m Stalking You”
9-The AV Club, “If You Haven’t Noticed yet”
10-Jail Weddings, “Tough Love”
11-Love Grenades, “My Winning Smile”
12-Summer Darling, “My Reminder”
13-Crystal Antlers, “Summer Solstice”
14-Marvelous Toy, “Waiting for the Fire”
15-The Black Apples, “Diggin Dirt”
16-Slang Chickens, “Grandfather’s Gun”
17-Mia Doi Todd, “My Baby Lives in Paris”
18-Lady Danville, “Kids”

Some of the above tracks appear on the Origami/Spaceland Productions Jubilee mixtape too, and many are available as downloadable mp3s. Here that is: Silverlake Jubilee’s mix tape

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