Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Read: A Brief History of Rappers Sampling Radiohead

From Spin: In 2011, "Looking for the perfect beat" increasingly means digging on the Hype Machine for out nerdball indie rock — in the last two years, you can hear Lupe Fiasco rap over Modest Mouse, E-40 flipping Bjork, the Roots borrowing Joanna Newsom, B.o.B. ganking Vampire Weekend, and of course Kanye West pulling Bon Iver from his cabin and giving him a shutter shade makeover. Adding to that inglorious list is "Cold Corner 2 (Eyes Wide)," the latest mixtape from G-Unit soldier Lloyd Banks, which flips Radiohead's OK Computer heatrock "Climbing Up the Walls" (via Stereogum). It's not exactly that surprising since the new Drake record is basically Kid A + codeine (and, uh, Chino XL was flipping Radiohead tracks when Banks was still at August Mountain High School), but we'll take it.  READ THE ARTICLE HERE

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