Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guest DJ: Gael García Bernal's Music Diaries

From NPR Music: Several years ago, when I decided to become a journalist, I hung this saying above my office computer: "Unless you are absolutely sure that there is life after death, this is the only chance you get to prove your humanity."

Actor and director Gael García Bernal's work certainly embodies that quote. He exploded onto the Latin American film scene in 2000 with the now classic Amores Perros, and a year later achieved international recognition with Y Tu Mamá También. Since then, the films he's worked on have shown a commitment to artistry, and tend to be thoughtful, profound commentaries on the state of Latin America and Latinos today. His vision is apparent in his acting (in award-winning movies like The Motorcycle Diaries, about the life of Ernesto "Che" Guevara) and in the works he produces (Sin Nombre is a personal favorite, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming Who Is Dayani Crystal? with bated breath).   READ MORE AND LISTEN TO HIS SESSION HERE

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