Friday, May 27, 2011

First Listen: My Morning Jacket 'Circuital' album

From NPR Music: My Morning Jacket has been tricky to peg lately, especially after the 2008 release of Evil Urges, which saw the band's cavernous rock sound sprawl out to include absurd forays into loopy funk. At its best, Evil Urges is a monster, but it's not exactly consistent. Then there's singer Jim James' own reinvention, which recently found him rechristening himself "Yim Yames" and recording an EP of characteristically echo-laden George Harrison covers. You'd be forgiven for sitting tight and waiting for word before diving headlong into My Morning Jacket's new album Circuital, whose title even promises a screwball journey down an artistic rabbit hole.  READ MORE & LISTEN TO THE ALBUM HERE

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