Friday, May 27, 2011

Read: L.A. Unheard - Manhattan Murder Mystery

From Brand X:  

The band: Manhattan Murder Mystery, a live-wire trio driven by Virginian-turned-Angeleno Matthew Teardrop.

The sound: Perhaps some pathos is to be expected from a band who took their name from a Woody Allen movie, and Teardrop’s songwriting is a blast of raw, whiskey-soaked emotion, driving rock rhythms and post-punk riffs. Drawing from his experiences working crappy jobs, living in a new city, Teardrop taps into the anger and longing found at the bottom of a bottle, but his riffing, along with the rest of the band, keeps tracks like “I Always Think About Dying” rolling along with a vengeance.

The random: The band’s recently released debut album was recorded in a marathon three-day whiskey-fueled session in an improvised studio in a garage in Los Feliz.

The details: Manhattan Murder Mystery will open for Seasons at Casey’s Irish Pub downtown on Friday. The band’s self-titled debut album can be purchased in L.A. at Origami Vinyl, Vacation Vinyl and Amoeba Music.

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